网赌上分平台 staff members recognize that it take more than a conveyance vehicle to effectively transport cargo from one point to another. Detailed attention is paid to preparing accurate documentation to assure that the transport is not interrupted during its passage through the various government and commercial regulatory requirements. Particular attention is focussed on the documentation and regulations required by the country of destination to insure a smooth transition of the cargo through that country's customs and on to its final destination.

To accomplish this and to maintain our professional edge in our industry we maintain an updated reference library in each of our office and provide a continuous training program to our employees. Our management and employees are encouraged to travel to foreign countries to gain first hand experience with the infrastructure and regulations of various countries. We also recognize the importance of personal contacts when "things" must be done in an expedient and cost efficient manner that will make barriers disappear if incurred.

Our objective is to assure that the cargo arrives at its destination as scheduled, without damage and that we have created no obstacles to our principals to receive prompt payment according to their commercial terms.

物流 & 规划

As part of a virtual corporation, 网赌上分平台 has the capability and resources to offer a variety of of logistical process evaluation services. A few of the areas that we have structured evaluation processes for are:

  • Supply Demand Chain Evaluations

  • Strategic 规划

  • Supply Chain Integration and Implementation

  • Information and Systems Technology

  • Process Control

  • Inventory Management

网赌上分平台 evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of import and export operations and networks for companies that compete in the global marketplace.
网赌上分平台 can assist you with:

  • Needs Definition

  • Improvements to Supplier/Vendor Relationship

  • Creating Your "Driving Force" Message

  • Defining Your "IDEAL STATE" of Operations

  • Identification of Internal or External Constraints

  • Global Transportation and Distribution Methodology

  • Network Integration Issues


Through its network of offices, 代理, customers and various trade associations in which 网赌上分平台 holds membership it has the means to offer sourcing services to clients requiring assistance locating materials and products relative to a construction site, manufacturer facility or a specific consumer market. The trade show department of 网赌上分平台 has its personnel travelling to trade shows, fairs and exhibitions worldwide to provide on-site service to its clients. It is through this medium we have the opportunity to become personally acquainted with a great number of manufacturers or suppliers that produce and sell a large variety of products. As a result of our service to this industry we maintain a vast data base on suppliers/vendors and product information spanning many global markets. To complement our sourcing functions Phoenix can also offer supporting functions that are integral elements of most logistical supply chains.

  • 采购

  • 加快

  • Sub-assembly

  • Consolidation in Transit

  • Quality Inspection

  • Fulfillment Service

  • Reverse 物流

The objective of 网赌上分平台 in offering these added value services is to assist our customers' purchasing departments with cost containment, reduce lead time, create a shorter order-cycle time to customers, lower inventories and improve coordination between supplier and buyer, to mention a few.